“Highly Recommend”

ChoonLee, August 2020


Ana worked with my son, Michael, for about three years.  He liked the sensory gym activities. After every session, Michael was very calm and focused. Ana is very professional and knowledgeable about her field. She always offered suggestions of activities so that I could carry over the activities at home. During the Teletherapy, Ana always thought of interesting exercises/activities as well as science experiments to engage Michael. He is now discharged from Occupational therapy services at this time. I will highly recommend Ana to other kids who need Occupational therapy or Sensory Gym services.

“A Unique Ability to Cultivate Real Progress”

Scott and Jane, August 2020


Our 4 year-old daughter attended in-person sessions with Ana from Ready, Set, Grow OT for about 6 months before the pandemic hit. She loved going to the gym every Saturday. We saw improvements in her confidence, fine motor skills, and social skills. Ana really took the care necessary to build the relationship that facilitated this growth. With warmth, compassion, humor, and kind direction, Ana guided our daughter through activities that were productive and enriching. It was during remote sessions, however, that Ana’s compassion, humility, and professionalism rose above all expectations. Within a very short time, Ana was up and running from home. None of us knew how to do this, but Ana’s warmth and compassion continued to BUILD the relationship with our daughter over Zoom sessions. We received other services from other providers who were far less successful. Ana has a unique ability to transcend the limitations of virtual sessions and cultivate real progress for our daughter. Whether it’s rolling around on the floor, doing jumping jacks, going on a scavenger hunt in the park, or working on writing her letters, our daughter stays engaged and sees Ana as a fun partner in childhood play, all while building important foundational skills and growing not only in the area of of occupational therapy but also socially and emotionally. We recommend RSGOT without hesitation

“Helped our Family Come Together more and Avoid a lot of Conflict”

Rebekah P. Greene, August 2020


My son had OT services with Ms. Ana from January of 2019 to June 2020. He learned so much from her! During the year and a half that he was with her she helped us understand some of the difficulties he had, and how to better help him. This helped our family come together more and avoid a lot of conflict. Our son’s personal and motor skills growth was very positive, and his handwriting improved greatly! He absolutely loved her gym, and we loved going there too, since our daughter had a great time playing with the toys and books in the waiting room. Ms. Ana really helped bridge the gap between our son’s focus and motor skills. Even virtually, her choice of activities was very engaging, physical, and creative. I was sad that we couldn’t hug her in person, but the bond was still there. I’d highly recommend Ms. Ana to any family looking for OT services! She is professional, yet warm, and cares about each family she works with.

“I Didn’t Expect him to Learn so Much”!

Patrick's Mom, August 2020


My son received OT Therapy with RSGOT. I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t expect him to learn so much! Miss Ingrid and Miss Tara worked really hard with him. They worked with him both in the gym and virtually when COVID19 hit. They were professional but at the same time made it fun. I’m very grateful and happy I found this place and help he needed.

“I Highly recommend Ready Set Grow OT!”

Heather & Gus, April 2019~ Forest Hills, NY


I don’t know where we would be without Ana and Ready Set Grow OT.  Ana started working with our daughter when she was almost 4 and 10 months later, she’s a different kid.  She now has “graduated” from OT and no longer needs services.  On our last day, I burst into tears due to the pride for my daughter and her accomplishments, yes, but even more so due to the the bone deep gratitude I felt (and feel) for Ana and her craft.  I remember one of the very first sessions, when I was in the room, and my daughter was supposed to knock down a weighted toy by throwing a ball at it and once she knocked it down, she was going to be rewarded.  She kept trying and trying and trying and wasn’t getting it.  And I was giving Ana pleading eyes, begging her without words to let it go and just let my daughter get the reward.  But no, Ana stayed firm and found a way to help her achieve it.  After my kid knocked it down, you could feel the pride she had in herself and it was that moment that set the course to her gaining confidence, self-trust and determination.  She was so nervous and afraid when we started OT, and now she’s fearless (well, most of the time =) That was also a crucial moment for my daughter in learning to respect and trust Ana–she kept her word and their bond was made.  The space itself is also wonderful and after our sessions, my daughter wouldn’t want to leave because she could play forever in the waiting room with the sensory-stimulating toys that were always rotating.  Another thing I really appreciated was Ana helped show our daughter how to lose and that losing was OK.  She introduced board games, many of them cooperative games, but some where there’s a clear winner, and by staying calm and matter-of-fact, our kid who HATES losing became better at tolerating it.  We also LOVE the visual schedules that Ana created for the sessions and implemented them at home as well to great success.  I highly recommend Ready Set Grow OT!

“Drastically seen Improvement in my son’s Motor Skills”

Bertha S, February 2019~ Queens, NY


I have drastically seen improvement in my son’s motor skills.  The therapist is great here; she always gives me a recap of what they did , plus activities I can do with my son at home.  My son loves coming to OT each week.  Super clean facility.  I noticed that they change the toys in the waiting room area each week to focus on different areas.  

“He Loves coming to OT and Never wants to Leave”

Sara W. , February 2019~ Forest Hills, Queens


Ms. Ana has been fantastic with our son who came with handwriting and muscle weakness issues.  He LOVES coming to OT and never wants to leave.  We’ve seen improvement with his pencil grip and he’s been able to write for longer periods of time.  We are so thankful we found RSGOT  & Ms. Ana and enthusiastically recommend her to other families all of the time.  

“100% committed to their Children’s Progress”

Amina T., June 2018~ Rego Park, Queens


My preschooler has received O.T. with Ready Set Grow OT for seven months.  From day one, he was happy and comfortable.  He even asked when he would go to see his therapist.  He learned new important skills such as having a correct grip, tracing, coloring and even using scissors.  He never got bored during a session or asked to leave.  This facility is very clean, the staff is professional and caring.  We never had an issue with the therapist; she tries her best to accomodate us with the schedule.  She listens to our concerns and answers our questions. We appreciate her suggestions in order for my son to improve his skills.  I would definitely recommend RSGOT to other families because they can trust them to be 100% committed to their children’s progress.    

“Has been a Rock for me and the Most Loving and Compassionate”

Sarah Mead, August 2017~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn


I brought my 4 year old son to Ana at a time when I was so confused and overwhelmed with his diagnosis and behavior.  Ana has been a rock for me and the most loving and compassionate therapist to my son. She has worked with his fine motor delay and sensory processing needs since the beginning of October 2016.  He is coloring on his own now, participating in group craft activities, mastering his Lego projects and most importantly, understanding his body and his sensory needs.  He absolutely loves Ana and looks forward to therapy every week.  Ana is an angel.  We are so lucky to have found her and recommend her with the highest regards! 

“My Child Grew Exponentially”

Ember R., August 2017~ Sunnyside, NY


My 5 year old son received OT for the 2016/2017 school year.  The facility was always immaculately clean and fresh smelling.  My child grew exponentially –I saw him grow in confidence, ability, and outlook.  Ana’s incredible gift and ability enable her to tease out the sensory issues from the delays and from the behavioral issues; She was able to “solve the puzzle” of what was causing troubling behavior and attitudes and gave us clear tools to use.  My son is happier, more capable & more confident.  I am forever grateful to Ms. Ana for unlocking the happy and confident child inside my son.  I could not hesitate to recommend Ms. Ana and RSGOT–I already have! I believe she is a tremendous asset to any school, institution, or parent who contracts her services. We will miss you!   

“It has been a Very Positive Experience”

Danielle Biondi, August 2017~ Middle Village, NY


My son Frankie has been receiving OT with the amazing Ana Leguisamo.  Frankie looks forward to seeing Ana and working in the gym with her every Wednesday. And as a mom, I love bringing him to this clean, safe environment where he is the center of her attention for the full hour every Wednesday evening.  My son is a 6 year old with ADHD and moderate SPD.  I know that progression takes time but he’s come a long way this year.  Ana is always giving me excellent recommendations in all areas for Frankie to improve and personally she’s always been there for me on so many levels.  Frankie just loves Ana and that makes me so happy.  I would and have recommended RSGOT to other parents and families.  Ana’s co-worker, Lauren , is also terrific, as I have gotten to know her over this past year and she has gotten to know my son very well.  She’s sweet and always makes the time to lend an ear when we see her in between sessions.  Overall, it has been a very positive experience and I look forward to my son’s continued progress with Ana as we plan to continue through the summer and then resume weekly in the fall.   

“The Staff are Efficient and Accommodating to each Child’s needs”

A. DeCelestino, June 2017~Maspeth, NY


My son has been receiving OT services from Ready Set Grow OT since 2014.  Since he has been receiving therapy in a sensory gym setting, my son has shown a significant improvement in body awareness and with self-regulation skills.  His stimming (i.e., hand flapping, rocking, etc) has significantly decreased.  Although these changes and improvement did not happen immediately, they did eventually happen with the consistent care and professional services of the Ready Set Grow OT staff.  The staff are efficient and accommodating to each child’s needs.  They also take a few moments at the end of each session to explain what your child has accomplished.  I have recommended Ready Set Grow OT to many parents and they have all been satisfied with the program.  The sensory gym is very clean and well equip with materials to accommodate my son’s sensory needs.  I highly recommend Ready Set Grow OT.  

“Exceeded all of my Expectations and then Some!

Gina M., June 2017~Whitestone, NY


We are so lucky to have found Ready Set Grow OT! From the first moment I called, Ana was so accommodating in guiding me to help my son.  Our first session with Ms. Lauren was beyond what I could have ever imagined! The facility is clean and inviting & their equipment  so innovative.  The progress my son has made with Ms. Lauren is remarkable.  I could not have asked for a better OT- Ms. Lauren exceeded all of my expectations and then some! 

“Staff always Demonstrated Sincerity, Love, and Care”

Kenneth and Fab, June 2017~Queens, NY


We first discovered Ready Set Grow OT due to the location being convenient to our family.  After visiting the facility, we were comforted that the entire office and gym area was clean and welcoming and safe for our child.  And this has stayed consistent throughout the year.  OT sessions are half hour sessions with many of the activities and exercises we can only describe as fun and engaging.  Our son really enjoyed receiving one on one attention and guidance which is sometimes hard  under normal school environment.  We can also tell that he looks forward to his sessions every week.  We’re appreciative of Ms. Ana for her expertise and her staff always demonstrated sincerity, love, and care for our child and others.  We’re also appreciative of her, taking time to review each session with us, on what was accomplished with our child and anything notable and funny.  Over this year alone we have noticed tremendous improvement with our son, especially in his grasp and writing skills.  He is also much more confident and more coordinated with his physical movement and activities such as jumping and climbing over objects, and able to overcome challenging obstacles.   In conclusion, we were glad to have found Ready Set Grow OT and we do strongly recommend them for other families in need of OT for their child.  

He Loved going to O.T.

Jean Bogdan, August 2016~Maspeth,NY


My son saw Ana for two years.  He loved going to O.T.  He would pretend he didn’t want to go in front of his friends but would be upset if he missed a session.  He was more confidant trying equipment at the playground and was a little more sure of himself.  I would absolutely recommend Ready Set Grow OT to other families. The gym is great, very inviting and exciting for kids.  Ana always welcomes children in a very enthusiastic way, motivating them to go in and do their best.  Waiting room is always clean and toys and WiFi for family members waiting.  Ana is an exceptional Occupational Therapist as well as coach, teacher, motivator and friend.  Alex is really going to miss her! 

I Have Seen Tremendous Growth both Cognitively and Behaviorally

Caroline Leal, August 2016~


Nicko has been in O.T. for one year with Ms. Ana and I have seen tremendous growth both cognitively and behaviorally.  Ms. Ana is very patient, caring, and professional and Nicko absolutely loves her.  

Sin su Ayuda, mi Hija no Pudiera Expresarse ni Salir Adelante

Ms. Veronica Jaimes, August 2016~Astoria, NY


Yo agradesco a Ready Set Grow OT y a Ms. Ana por apoyar a mi hija a salir adelante con su terapia. Sin su ayuda, mi hija no pudiera expresarse ni salir adelante. Estoy muy agradecida por que sin ella mi hija no fuera la niña que es hoy, con ganas de cada dia de recibir su terapia.  Es un lugar pequeño pero con mucho cariño adonde cada niño puede realizar sus actividades sin golpearse o lastimarse. Es un lugar de relajacion adonde a uno se le olvida los problemas de cada uno por unos momentos.  Ms. Ana es una persona muy amable y cariñosa con los niños. En ella no existe diferencia; ni de raza, ni color, ni idioma.   

My son Learned his Letters and his Handwriting Improved

Lismyli V., June 2016~Ridgewood, NY


I love the services that were provided to my son at Ready Set Grow OT.  Ms. Ana is the best.  She gave my son the most attention and help that he needed.  My son learned his letters and his handwriting improved.  The office is very clean and welcoming.  Ms. Ana was always very nice and sweet and you can tell that she loves what she does.  She really cares about your child’s progress and needs.  I would recommend Ready Set Grow OT  to other parents.  The attention your child will get and the setting exceeds all expectations and your child will improve.  

Our Child was in Excellent, Caring, Loving Hands

Lucre M., Mother of 4 year Old, June 2016~Jackson Heights, NY


Ms. Ana’s positive attitude, patience and professionalism made us as parents feel like our child was in excellent, caring,  loving hands from day one.  Ms. Ana has always been available for anything  that we needed related to my child’s development from big to small.  Always giving us excellent suggestions and care to our son.  We will dearly miss the sessions with her.  Thank you Ana for helping my child achieve his best. 

He is a Totally New Child

Maria Desena, June 2016~ Middle Village, NY


My son Stefano began seeing Ms. Ana when he had just turned 4 years old in December 2014.  My son had a very hard time with OT.  He was unfocused and had a very difficult time completing age appropriate tasks. After a few months of therapy, and now after a year of treatment, he is a totally new child. Ms. Ana has ignited his love for learning.  He looks forward to working with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays and especially looks forward to learning new skills.  If you are looking for a place where your child can grow and master new skills, Ready Set Grow OT is definitely the place to build that foundation.  

Thank you for Being Such a Positive Influence and Role Model

Lisa Ryoo, Volunteer Intern, August 2015~ Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


My last day at Ready, Set, Grow OT  just crept up on me and I didn’t have the chance to really express my gratitude for my amazing experience.  I have never met anyone in the field who was so welcoming and willing to help me by exposing me and teaching me about all the sides of pediatric OT.  I can safely say that my experience while volunteering with you has confirmed that pediatric OT is the route that I want to take.  The way you touch the lives of children and their families with your passion and care has been so inspiring to me.   Thank you for being such a positive influence and role model, it has helped me in ways that you can’t even imagine.  The field needs more therapists like you! 

Always Goes Above and Beyond for my Daughter

The Schiano Family, August 2015~ Howard Beach, NY


My daughter has been with Ana Leguisamo from Ready Set Grow OT for 3 years now. Ana came highly recommended as an O.T. therapist by a friend. Ana is professional, hardworking, caring, warm, and sensitive. She is able to answer all my questions and concerns about my daughters progress and always goes above and beyond for my daughter. Ready Set Grow has all the newest equipment and is very clean and organized. It is a safe and fun environment for all kids. My daughter looks forward to her sessions with Ana. I can see the changes in my daughter since she started O.T. She is stronger in so many different ways now. Thank you Ana for all you have done for DD.  

He Has Shown Greater Interest and Confidence

Eileen Reilly, Mother of John Patrick, August 2015~Fresh Meadows, NY


John Patrick began receiving O.T. with Ana in March.  Under her supervision, John Patrick has excelled at coloring pictures and writing his name.  He has shown greater interest and confidence in his abilities.  I highly recommend Ana as a therapist and Ready Set Grow for anyone considering OT Therapy.  

He Loved Coming to O.T.

Libby, June 2015 ~Middle Village, NY


We feel so lucky that our son could work with Ana this year.  She showed our son such kindness and patience and he has made great strides in many areas.  He loved coming to O.T. every week and we really saw a difference after he spent time with Ana.  Ana taught us a lot, about how we can better help our son succeed.  We will all miss her next year!  

Mi Hijo a Mejorado Bastante

Salvador Gonzalez~June 23, 2015


He visto muchos cambios significantes en su vida diaria.  En estos pocos meses que mi hijo Daniel ha recibido Terapia Ocupacional, mi hijo ha mejorado bastante en su comportamiento y aprendizaje.  Ana es una fantastica terapista y muy profesional.  Sin duda yo recomendaria a Ready Set Grow Therapy.  Ana ayudo mucho a mi hijo con gran paciencia y profesionalismo.  Gracias por todo! 

Joseph has had many OT’s but none like Ana

Debbie, Mother of 6 Year Old Boy, March 2015~ South Richmond Hill, NY


My son Joseph saw Ana for a short time before his services ended for the summer and I was blown away with how much Ana taught him and how much he retained in that short amount of time. Joseph has had many OT’s but none like Ana. She is amazing and I’m so happy that Joseph will be back with Ana this year. If your child ever needs OT Ana is the one to see. God Bless you Ana.

You Truly do Change the Lives of your Students and their Families

Olivia Myszkowski, Volunteer/Student, August 2014


I can not express how grateful I am for everything you have taught me and showed me during my time as a volunteer at Ready Set Grow.  Working alongside you, I have only seen the positive side of becoming an OT.  Everything you do with the children has a purpose and is done in a fun and captivating way.  You truly do change the lives of your students and their families.  Thank you for showing me all the qualities of a great OT.  

I Have Seen my Child make Great Progress since the First Day

Aleksandra K., Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, August 2014~Ridgewood, NY


My child has been receiving occupational therapy for one year and a half.  It has helped him in preschool to focus himself.  The facility is great.  It is very nice and very clean.  Ana is a wonderful therapist.  I would highly recommend Ready Set Grow OT to others.  I have seen my child make great progress since the first day.  

He Visto Grandes Cambios Positivos en mi Hijo

Leticia Cruz, Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, August 2014~Woodside, NY


Mi hijo ha estado recibiendo terapia ocupacional por Ana a lo largo de un año, lo cual ha ayudado mucho en cada uno de los problemas que tenia mi hijo, ya que he visto grandes cambios positivos en mi hijo.  Yo recomiendo Ready Set Grow Therapy ya que Ana ayuda mucho a los niños con su gran paciencia y sobre todo por ser muy profesional.  Por otro lado ayuda a los padres aconsejandonos y brindandonos muchas alternativas para ayudar a nuestros hijos en la casa.  De esta manera agradezco a Ana por su maravillosa ayuda a mi hijo.

We have Grown Leaps and Bounds as a Whole

Mother of 6 Year Old Boy, June 2014~Bronx, NY


Ms. Ana, Well where should I start.  From all the help you have given my son to the support and techniques you have shown me. We have grown Leaps and Bounds as a whole.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and most of all your caring of our son.  You have truly touched my family and have made a huge difference in our lives.  Thank you so much for the past three years, they have been great.  We wish you all the best and you truly will be missed.  

Helped him Gain back his Self-Esteem and Believe that he Really Can do Everything!

Mrs. Sharon Forel, Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, June 2014~Fresh Meadows, NY


My child has been getting occupational therapy since December 2013.  My child has grown significantly since he started.  There has been an overall total improvement in my son’s emotional state, motor skills, and fine motor skills.   He doesn’t doubt himself anymore.  He is more calm and balanced and knows how to handle himself in stressful environments.  I would recommend Ana because she is calm, professional, she showed me techniques to help prepare Shay for stressful situations.   I have already recommended this place to 2-3 other people.  If Shay goes to private school next year, we are coming back here! His sensory issues are much better.  She uses swings, tunnels, and I love the “pom pom” trick for writing.  Ana, I don’t have enough words to thank you for all you did for my son.  You made a huge difference by helping him with all his issues but above all–you helped him gain back his self-esteem and to believe that he really can do everything!!!  I thank you for the past year. Thank you!

She Knows how to Challenge your Child to be the Best

Parent of an 8 Year Old, June 2014~Queens, NY


It is impossible to truly put into words the admiration and gratitude I feel for Ms. Ana at Ready Set Grow.  She is an outstanding therapist, very professional and enthusiastic.  My child has benefited from the ILS program.  I truly recommend her services because she knows how to challenge your child to be the best that he/she can be and she cares about each individual and family. 

He is more Independent

Juliean & Johanna Pestano, Parents of 4 Year Old Boy, June 2014~Brooklyn, NY


Our son has been receiving OT for the past year at Ready Set Grow Therapy with Ms. Ana.  Prior to his start, he was struggling with fine motors skills, coordination, & simple tasks.  Our boy has certainly grown in his skills and benefited from the program Ms. Ana developed.  His interaction with others in tasks have increased, he is more independent in his daily tasks, role playing, and story telling.

I’ve Seen Significant Improvement in his Daily Life

Jessica A., Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, June 2014~Glendale, NY


My son has received therapy with Ana from Ready Set Grow OT for over a year.  Ana is a fantastic therapist, I see the techniques used in therapy when we are at home.  I’ve seen significant improvement in his daily life.  I couldn’t recommend a better person to help with occupational therapy needs.  Ana, I just want to say thank you for being his therapist and with your patience and help with our schedule.    

“No Tengan Miedo; Es lo Mejor para Mejorar en Todos los Aspectos de los Niños”

Franklin Mendieta, Father of 5 Year Old Boy, June 2014~Astoria, NY


En estos pocos meses que mi hijo Luis a recibido terapia ocupacional ha mejorado consideradamente en su comportamiento y aprendizaje.  Me gustaria recomendar a todos los padres que tengan niños con inconvenimientos o dificultades que no tengan miedo; que es lo mejor para mejorar en todos los aspectos de los niños.  


“Brought Peace Within My Child and My Household”

Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, August 2013~Bronx, NY


Ana is our LIFE SAVER, meaning she not only saved my son, but she saved me and my family.  She brought peace within my child and my household.  Before getting treatment with Ana, my son was struggling with every day activities, changes (i.e., daily routine transitions), and so much more that would take pages and pages to write.  By her techniques, my son is now able to self regulate himself (which is a huge deal for those that know about this), partake in family events, attend birthday parties, and the list can keep on going.  Through obstacle courses, swings, table top activities, playtime with Ms. Ana etc.. for the past two years, my son has become his own person, and is starting to get comfortable in his own skin.  With her advising  me and her treatment, my son would have never been able to reach his max potential without her help.  We are still a work in progress, but we surely have overcome a lot of obstacles.  I can not imagine what life for my child would have been without her  help.

“Will get to the Root of the Problem”

Diana, Mother of 5 Year Old Boy, August 2013~Glendale, NY


My son has been receiving therapy from Ana since February 2012.  Since that first day we walked into her office, I knew she would help Aidan.  She took her time getting to know him and how to meet his needs.  With her help and the ILS program, we have seen a big improvement in Aidan.  He is more  aware of his environment and much more responsive.  Also, he is trying to say a few words such as “go” and “hi”.  I would recommend Ready Set Grow Therapy because Ana is a loving, caring, and very helpful OT; so much that she is part of the family.  She will get to the root of the problem and if it’s a mystery, she will find it!!

“Our son is Vivid Proof of your Hard Work and Professionalism”

Family of 5 year old boy, August 2013~Howard Beach, NY


It is very hard to find the appropriate words to express our gratitude towards your dedicated and valued work during these past two years.  Our son is vivid proof of your hard work and professionalism.  We are so thankful you came across our lives.  Thank you for your assistance, your knowledge, your patience, your guidance, your help, and for your constant encouragement and support. We thank you immensely. 

“We notice Significant Positive Changes”

Juan, Father of 5 year old boy, June 2013~Whitestone, NY


I would like to thank Ready Set Grow OT for all the improvements my son has made since he began receiving therapy.  We notice significant positive changes, not just in a physical way but in all social/emotional ways.  We are so grateful to Ana and we will miss her seeing our son.

“Puedo tener la tranquilidad de que esta listo y tendra exito en su educación”

Martiza Amezquita, Mother of 5 year old boy, July 2013~Whitestone,NY


Soy mama de Santiago; mi hijo esta proximo a cumplir los 5 años.  Santiago lleva aproximadamente un año y algunos meses  recibiendo  terapia ocupacional y me siento gratamente sorprendida de ver su avance.   Él ahora es un niño con muchas mas capacidades y mucha mas confianza.  Ahora que mi hijo comenzara su kindergarten puedo tener la tranquilidad de que esta listo y tendra exito en su educación.  Recomiendo las terapias en Ready Set Grow OT por que tengo la certeza de su profesionalismo, capacitacion, entrega, y sobre todo y lo más importante AMOR por lo que hacen.  Nos hacen sentir comodos en un ambiente donde el niño se siente seguro y con ganas de aprender y de crecer; es una buena base para un buen comienzo.  Por todo eso y mucho más, GRACIAS, Ready Set Grow Occupational Therapy!!

“Thank You for Your Dedication, Patience, & Love for Children”

Dr.Gilic, Mother of 5 year old & 7 year old boys, May 2012~Douglaston, NY


Ana helped my two sons with their individual OT needs.  She helped them gain skills, increase confidence and love learning.  She made the process clear, shared information and listened to what I had to say.  She is in touch with the individual needs of her students and her families.  We could never have gotten through that difficult time without her.  Ana, we thank you for your dedication, patience, and love for children you work with!


“Highly Qualified and Nurturing Professional”

Ms. J. Schwartz, Mother of 5 Year Old Girl, May 2012~Forest Hills, NY


Ana has worked with our daughter for two years and we have seen an immense improvement.  Our daughter has grown so much; her fine motor, coordination and socialization skills are markedly improved.  As a result, our child’s confidence has allowed her to become more outgoing and independent.  Ana has been a true partner with us.  She has always been honest, caring, and available to answer any questions.  Any child receiving OT from Ana will receive the services of a highly qualified, and nurturing professional.


“Amazing at Working with Children”

Mrs. Gage, 2010, NY,NY


Ana was an amazing therapist; she took charge right from the start and began helping my daughter Lauren with various methods that proved to be creative and resourceful.  She is amazing at working with children and immediately connected with Lauren.  Any family would be lucky to have her on their team.